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 Essential training with accountancy software

A client was paying a substantial amount for accounting software each year, but as a small business of long standing, their bookkeeper had developed her own systems and was only using the software to raise sales invoices, preferring to rely on manual records and excel spreadsheets for everything else. This became an issue when she became ill and there was a sudden loss of essential records.
The business owner needed help from Ella in two ways; finding the information which should have been recorded on the system previously; and training for the owner and the replacement bookkeeper in how to use the accounting software correctly. Ella’s first task was to find and piece together all the previous year’s activity and to rebuild it on the software, starting with the sales invoices, adding any purchases found and then posting the bank data. It could then be used to create the year end records for filing. Systems then needed to be put in place with the business owner and bookkeeper assigning tasks and responsibilities to each of them. Ella taught them how to use the software to its full capacity and to create useful and meaningful reports. Within the space of three weeks they were up and running and just calling on her for specific issues or questions as and when required.


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