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 Inventory software had fundamental issues with its reporting capabilities

A firm struggled to deliver accurate accounting data on time and had issues with obtaining accurate reports from their stock and accounting software.
Ella’s task was to look at the records and find out why there were discrepancies in the accounting data at the year end. The company used a bespoke software system supplied by a third party for online sales inventory and deliveries. Ella’s analysis of the inventory software found fundamental issues with its reporting capabilities. These issues were only found after two and three-way testing, using real world scenarios and comparing with the expected results.
Once the issues were reported to the client, with the results of the multidirectional testing, they were able to go back to the supplier who updated the software and rectified the problem. The company owners were in the process of selling the company and they were able to use this information, in addition with other due diligence work Ella provided, to successfully sell their business at a satisfactory rate.


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