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 Combining SAT NAV and knowledge

This bank holiday weekend, my partner and I drove to Newcastle and back to see family.

The journey up was caught up in traffic on the motorways around London, but we were able to detour most of them with the aid of the ‘Sat Nav’ and knowledge of the roads we were travelling on. Once we were past Lincolnshire, the road cleared and we were on our way (it helped that we waited until later in a nice restaurant!)

Coming down was a little different, we don’t know the North very well and of course accidents pop up when you least expect them! But as with the previous journey, we knew we could detour around and started to do so, however the Sat Nav kept trying to take us back onto the traffic strewn motorway, we knew we could go another way, but it was telling us to go back, it even acknowledged it would take longer and still wanted to direct us back!


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