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Aviation is more than just the airlines!

We specialise in accounting for the aviation industry and this does not limit us to commercial airlines. We have worked with many aircraft management companies who manage privately owned aircraft on behalf of the owner, ensuring that the plane is airworthy and ICAO/CAA compliant. We make sure the owner receives regular updates of the aircraft running costs and any cost issues that have occurred. We also ensure they are aware of the fund balance and any upcoming maintenance and upkeep costs that they need to be aware of. We also help the companies in their search for the best value for money on ongoing costs and fees. They do this by looking after more than one aircraft and using bulk purchase discounts and we support them in this important task.


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Pilots and Crew

Commercial pilots often work for a few different private airlines or charter companies, making use of their certification on specific aircraft types.
Flight crews, such as engineers, stewards and logistics staff also have a particular set of skills which are in demand both here in the UK as well as elsewhere in the world.
Whether you have a registered business for your flying and allied work, or have a mix of employed and self employed Income, we can help you navigate the double taxation issues of foreign and UK income along with making sure you claim all of the professional allowances and deductions that are due to you as a modern aviator or flight crew.
We are very happy to work with ground and flight crews to make sure your invoicing and accounts are always up to date.


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