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I recently received a worried email from a client who thought that we had not filed her tax return, as she received this message from the HMTC, now we are all for filing your tax return on time and it is a very good idea, but as the year end was only last week, we do think this is a bit too soon!

The best time to file would be in the next couple of months and the reasons why are listed below;-

  1. You will have just received any P60 or income advice notes from the various institutions and best to use these before they get lost.
  2. The HMRC helplines will still be open but it will give you time to get through – maybe a month or so!
  3. No nasty surprises, filing now will let you know what tax you may have to pay, whilst giving you plenty of time to pay it before the January 2025 deadline.
  4. Refunds take time! We notice that the HMRC can take quite a long time to generate any refunds due back to the taxpayer, so getting your return in early might help to reduce any payments on account which you might have to try and get back, and you have all summer to pester them for your money.
  5. Last and by no means least, its peace of mind, knowing that you have filed your return, and planned any repayments over the coming months means that you will sleep better and be able to look forward to your autumn without the tax stress hanging over you.

So there we are, if you are looking to have to file a return this year and want some assistance with it, please let us know and we are happy to help.

Ella M Doherty FCCA

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